How Does It Work?  Watch A Recorded Webinar.

We know that it takes some time to learn how to use new software.  Let us walk you through all of the time-saving features of Synapse, at no cost to you!

Private Support Group.

Once you're a registered Synapse user, you'll have access to a full support group.  This is a place where you can interact directly with other users, and also directly with the developers of Spark & Synapse.

Phone Support


Email Support

We're happy to show you how to use it, help you customize it, or just answer questions.

Our office hours is Every Friday 12pm PST/2pm CST/3pm EST. If there's some sort of emergency, you can leave us a voicemail and we'll get back to you as soon as we can, even outside of office hours.

Click here to join Jack's Office Hours.

Tutorials Galore.


If you ever have a question while using Synapse, you can click the green '?' icon and it will take you to an FAQ and instructions that are specific to the page you were looking at when you clicked it.


Synapse has a full library of YouTube tutorial videos (in addition to the text instructions) for your convenience.  There are videos specific to using Synapse and another set of videos covering the different appraisal methods and the math involved.  Make sure to click "subscribe" to be alerted when new videos come out.

Click here to go the Synapse Help playlist.


We've prepared a 20 minute walkthrough video that quickly takes you through the features of Synapse.

Click here to go to the video.

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