Your Complete Adjustment Support Tool!

Your expertise is the driving force of Synapse!


Synapse will calculate results based upon paired sales, grouped data, sensitivity, depreciated cost, six types of regression, and more.


Whether it's the data that you choose (up to 3 sets of modifiable data) or the many settings that control how data is "crunched", you are in control.


Synapse allows you to download a workfile showing the results, how they were calculated, and all of your settings. It also stores all of your sessions.

Everyone is switching to us!

"It's a wonderful product. I have two large, multimillion dollar estate appraisals that I'm working on and Synapse has been wonderful in supporting my adjustments. Hard for reviewers to request additional support of adjustments with Synapse!"- D.G. in VA
Great product! It has helped me become a better appraiser! "
- S.S. in TX
" LOVE IT!! LOVE IT !! LOVE IT! I watched the videos yesterday. I picked it up tonight for the first time. It is very intuitive. I think I probably could have figured out most of it with no instruction at all. This is insanely cool. This is going to do an enormous amount of good for the appraiser population. It is worthy of a standing ovation" - JL in A.Z

Designed to save both your time and money.

You're the expert, Synapse accelerates your progress.